The Future Status of OneAMHCA

The Vision of the OneAMHCA movement is to reimagine AMHCA, to become a seamless professional association in which all levels (local-state-national) thrive with national leverage, collective power and local control.

1. AMHCA is an inclusive, seamless entity with national offices and state and local chapters, but is one national association.
2. The AMHCA Universe expands to include disconnected CMHCs and all members of AMHCA are members at each level of the association – local, state, and national.
3. As market share increases, the AMHCA voice gets louder, costs are spread out among a larger number of people, and benefits are multiplied and shared.
4. AMHCA – National becomes a hub of communication, support, resources, leadership development, and national leadership and advocacy.
5. AMHCA is a seamless professional association in which all levels (local-state-national) thrive with national leverage, collective power and local control
6. Communication is multidirectional. All levels have an expanded market, create replication projects, share costs, and share revenue and other benefits.
7. The vision, mission, and activities are synergized, coordinated, and effective.

  • Recorded: Law & Ethics of Telehealth: WA Telemedicine Training

    Date: 10/08/2020 - 12/31/2020
    Time: 12:00 AM

    The recent worldwide public health emergency is sending unprecedented numbers of healthcare
    providers online. While new technology can provide us with powerful tools to continue to connect and
    communicate in this changing environment, many mental health professionals are finding themselves
    less than fully prepared to implement telehealth services.

    This 2 hour law & ethics seminar is designed to present an introduction to legal and ethical
    considerations of telehealth practice. In this seminar we will discuss current Washington State and
    Federal telehealth laws, liability and informed consent relating to telehealth, and the range of applicable
    ethical codes. Participants will gain an understanding of how to strategically implement technologies in
    their clinical practice.

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