Here is a summary of the Coalition meeting that was held on August 15 at Glaser from 9-12. There were 20 clinicians present.

Click here for the agenda from the meeting and the results of the Survey that the Coalition conducted about the response of the mental health community to the Regence proposal.

We were in agreement that we need to take a stand on Regence’s plan , that we have aright to make clinical decisions and get paid for the service we are providing.There was much discussion about the need for ALL clinicians to support this effort; the low turnout may have been due to summer vacations but we need everyone to participate in this campaign to be successful. Through the survey, there were 60 clinicians who agreed to help with the subcommittees that are being formed. (Thanks to Robin Westby, who is contacting all those who responded!)

The subcommittees are

  • Position Papers
  • Social Media
  • Publicity-Print and TV
  • Liaison with other mental health groups
  • Liaison with NAMI and consumer groups
  • Legal and legislative strategies

The Coalition has had contact with OIC and attorneys about the problems. OIC is investigating and attorneys are researching the parity issues.

Please contact Laura Groshong <>or Sue Wiedenfeld <> if you wish to be on a subcommittee. Another meeting will be held in mid-September.

Watch for more information on Coalition efforts shortly. In the meantime, if a client wishes to file a complaint with their insurer, click here for a handy template.