Anxiety, Crisis, Depression and Bipolar, Domestic Violence, EMDR, Grief and Loss, Groups, Hypnotherapy, LGBTQ Issues, Life Transitions, Men's Issues, PTSD, Psychotherapy, Women's Issues, Workplace and Career
Clinical Supervisor: Yes

Contact Information:
Phone: (509) 474-1976
Email: [email protected]

422 W. Riverside Ave, Ste 518
Spokane, Washington 99201

Understanding not everyone is cut out for the same treatment, I see clients as people-- not merely a diagnoses or condition. I listen carefully to people and respond to them as individuals, not as a diagnosis or part of a daily quota of clients that need to be seen. I keep my schedule small in order to take the time necessary for effective treatment. My approach to counseling is collaborative; I believe in open and honest client – therapist communication. I understand that some clients need medications. Ideally, medication, prescribed by other providers, is used concurrently with a process that builds general well-being and health.

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