Legislative and Policy Updates


WMHCA is your voice in Olympia


Here’s an update on our latest activities regarding government issues -- legislation, regulations, court cases, etc — that affects us as mental health counselors. If there are other issues you want us to be engaged with, please let us know. We value your input.”




Want to meet with a legislator?

If you are a member and would like to schedule a meeting with your Senator or Representatives Sara can help facilitate that.  Legislators are always interested in hearing about the issues that impact their constitutes.  Please reach out to Sara if you want to schedule something.  sara@sarastewartinc.com

Sara Stewart is retained by WMHCA as our lobbyist.  She advocates for us during legislative session and keeps us up to date with information throughout the year.

Policy Updates and Changes-What We're Paying Attention to

Apple Health Provider Rate Increases-The 2021-23 state operating budget includes a 2 percent increase for all services paid through the behavioral health portion of the managed care capitation rates.  This rate increase is retroactively effective back to April 1, 2021. Providers will see this change effective in their payments beginning in October 2021; however, there are multiple contracting arrangements and other factors that may affect timing for these distributions.  Provider Billing Guides and Fee Schedules

Telemedicine and Audio-Only ESHB 1196 removes this exclusion from the coverage requirement, establishes conditions for coverage of such services and amends statutory language related to telemedicine payment parity. Rules may be needed to clarify terms related to several components of the new law. Such rules will facilitate implementation of the law by ensuring that all affected entities understand their rights and obligations under the new law.  WMHCA is working with legislators to define what audio-only means for therapist and to clarify definitions around established relationships.

Telemedicine and audio-only telemedicine services (R 2021-06)- We attended the Stakeholder meeting on August 6, 2021.  After the meeting we provided additional written comments.  Here is the link for more information from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

On September 23rd, a CR-101 was filed with the Code Reviser regarding the implementation of Engrossed Senate Substitute Bill 5229.  This bill requires health professions licesees to complete health equity training every 4 years.  WMHCA will continue to maintain a voice in this process and attend the meetings and provide public comment.

April 6, 2020 Regarding Governor's Proclamations and Secretary of Health License Renewal Extensions