Legislative and Policy Updates

WMHCA is your voice in Olympia


Here’s an update on our latest activities regarding government issues -- legislation, regulations, court cases, etc — that affects us as mental health counselors. If there are other issues you want us to be engaged with, please let us know. We value your input.”



Sara Stewart is retained by WMHCA as our lobbyist.  She advocates for us during legislative session and keeps us up to date with information throughout the year. 

Where WMHCA has been-policy and legislation we have worked on in the past

The Bree Collaborative - We attended meetings and provided public comment where appropriate.  We also wrote a letter outlying our recommendations to to workgroup.  WMHCA continues to monitor the implications of the Volk decision on our profession.

Policy Updates and Changes-What were paying attention to

Telemedicine and audio-only telemedicine services (R 2021-06)- We attended the Stakeholder meeting on August 6, 2021.  After the meeting we provided additional written comments.  Here is the link for more information from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

April 6, 2020 Regarding Governor's Proclamations and Secretary of Health License Renewal Extensions

Workgroups and other Meetings WMHCA is directly involved in- where our voice is

Telehealth Colloborative- We attend and gather infomation regarding telehealth and SB 6061.  SB 6061 is the bill requiring all providers who are doing telehealth complete a telehealth training.