Dear Washington Mental Health Clinicians,

Many thanks to all the Washington mental health clinicians who have responded to the survey on Regence. The 350 responses have been collated and will be discussed at the next Coalition meeting.

The next Coalition meeting on Regence will be held on August 15 at Glaser Auditorium in Swedish Hospital from 9 am-12 pm. In addition to discussing the survey, the agenda for this meeting will include a draft letter FOR ENROLLEES to send to OIC (OIC has enough letters from clinicians); summary of legal advice; summary of meeting with OIC; assignments to subcommittees (thanks to those who volunteered to help!); and the kind of question and answer period we had at the last meeting. If you plan to attend please let Cynthia Stover, Coalition Treasurer, know at by August 12.

The subcommittees will include writing position papers; social media campaign; publicity campaign; coordinating with other mental health groups; and coordinating with other consumer groups. If you are willing to be a chair of one of these subcommittees, please let me know. We need a robust working group to make this happen.

All best,

Laura W. Groshong, LICSW, Mental Heath Advocate