A Research-Based Training for Equine and Mental Health Professionals who work with in Equines in Therapy or Learning Programs

August 15-17 (18), 2019 | Redmond, Washington, USA

What you will get: 3 days of theory and practice with an optional day of trauma informed EAL/EFP. Days consist of Theoretical seminars, targeted group discussions, practical exercises with horses. Applicable to all EAAT mounted and unmounted models.

Objectives: Application of new and existing research in EAP/L and trauma, new and existing knowledge in equine behavior, equine biology, compare and contrast feral horse behavior with domestic horses, equine cognition, equine learning theory, ethics in EAP and equine management. Enhance your observational skills of horses (both in and out of EAP), practice self- awareness as an EP in EAP, understand anthropomorphism– benefits and drawbacks.

Emphasizes: Research in equine-human bonding, equine psychological welfare in handling and management, equine communication between conspecifics and applications to equine-human interactions.

For more info on the training and registration, please visit our website: www.mimercentre.org

Fee: $425 for 3 days, $500 for 4 days
Includes refreshments and lunch.

PATH CE Credits
3 Days: 14 CE (Includes 2 CR for ALL PATH certifications
4 Days: 20 CE (Includes 2 CR for ALL PATH certifications and 6 DE)

Location: Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
A PATH accredited facility
18675 Northeast 106th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

The EiT Training is lead by:
Emily Kieson, PhD Candidate (Comparative Psychology), M.S. (Psyc), PgDip (Equine Science), B.S. (Ecology & Evolution), PATH ESMHL.

Katarina Lundgren, B.A. (Language & Communication), B.S. Philosophy (Ethics) & History of Ideas & Science, M.A. Student (Cognitive Science).

Both trainers have extensive experience of horse human interaction and facilitation of growth in horses and humans.

If you are interested in signing up,or have questions, please contact Katarina Lundgren at
[email protected], + 46 768 95 98 68 or Emily Kieson, [email protected]