Education Committee

Meeting Information

  • The Education Committee meets the 1st Thursday of the month every other month at 1:00 PM.
  • (July/Sept/Nov/Jan/March/May)
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Education Committee Mission Statement

We believe that education needs to be rooted in decolonized and liberative principles. The education committee seeks to sponsor high caliber and timely educative presentations to increase competency, provoke critical consciousness, and challenge oppressive practices. We offer continuing education opportunities which are accessible and further the embodiment of ethical clinical practice. We support counselors in developing cultural humility and strategies to reduce suffering. WMHCA and the committee actively seek to recruit presenters with diverse and intersectional identities, philosophies, and content.

Committee Purpose

The Education Committee shall vet presenters for workshops, decide what topics of workshops best serve the members, plan and host workshops, and stay current on continuing education requirements set for by the Washington State Department of Health. The education committee also explores and decides on curriculum development.

Committee Goals and Action Plan

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Education Committee Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2023 Minutes

September 7, 2023 Minutes