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WMHCA can make no guarantee nor vouch for any of the individuals listed as Approved Supervisors. Before receiving any supervision, please ensure you discuss all ethical and legal requirements with your supervisor and receive the appropriate Department of Health Attestation Form, duly signed and dated.

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Katie Stickney
Anxiety Domestic Violence EMDR Grief and Loss LGBTQ Issues Psychotherapy PTSD Women's Issues I offer telehealth and in person appointments at my office on north Capitol Hill. Generally, my work focuses on psychodynamic and somatic approaches to trauma, including parts work, Polyvagal-informed therapy, and EMDR. I have extensive experience working with queer folks of all kinds, neurodivergence, relational abuse (DV, narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse), childhood attachment traumas, and incorporating spirituality into therapy. Specific niche populations I love to work with are gay and lesbian survivors of conversion therapy, folks of uncommon trans experience (eg. those who desisted or detransitioned, those who transitioned long ago and still live with gender dysphoria), and deconstruction of harms from religion in even mainline/liberal denominations. I provide clinical consultation on all of these topics, especially how to incorporate Polyvagal theory into therapeutic practice. I also enjoy supervising associates who do either similar or different work compared to my work (my own supervisor was an LMFT, and I find we can learn a lot from therapists with different approaches!)
1127 10th AVE E, Suite 3 Seattle WA 98102
Clinical Supervisor
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