Benefits of WMHCA membership:

  • Our professional lobbyist advocates year-round for counselor and
    client rights at the Washington State Legislature regarding issues critical to our field.
  • WMHCA lobbies and petitions for important changes that enhance the status of LMHCs and LMHCAs in the marketplace.*
  • Ethical consults at no cost to you.  WMHCA covers the fee with a well known attorney.  He is well versed in matters of ethical client care, insurance, sole proprietorships, LLC’s, PLLC’s, and the like,
  • Discounts on WMHCA sponsored trainings, including Ethics, HIPAA compliance, supervision, and licensure prep workshops.
  • Promotion of our profession to managed care organizations, insurance companies and employers.
  • Mental health counseling news online and through issues of Insights, our quarterly newsletter.
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues through regular meetings.
  • WMHCA advocates for enhanced professional stature and improved consumer choice through efforts to obtain licensure for qualified Mental Health Counselors.

*Recently, WMHCA worked to get LMHCAs and LMFTAs able to receive the MHP designation immediately upon graduating from their degree program, rather than wait a period of two years. This also allows LMHCAs to diagnosis and bill Medicaid for services independently, which is desired by most community mental health agencies and will lead to improved job hiring prospects for graduates of counseling programs.